Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freemasons and the Davies Connection

The picture above is my grandfather's brother, Wilfrid Davies, in the full regalia of his Masonic Lodge.  Grandpa, William Duckworth Davies, was also a mason and was active in his lodge until his death.

While researching the shoemakers in the family for a previous post, I discovered the following cemetery transcription for Wilfrid and William's great-great-grandfather, William Duckworth:
 I have sent for the death registration for William Duckworth who died in the Halifax district in 1854 to verify that my ancestor is the one described in the above transcription, but there probably were not too many William Duckworths to live to the ripe age of eighty-six back in the 1850s.

There is mention of William Duckworth in a book on the history of the Masonic Lodge of Probity No 61, written in 1888.  Copies of the pages follow:

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