Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bellamy Letter #2

123 Brock Ave.

My Dear Gertie & Dorothy,

As Mother told you I was going to write, you will not be so surprised as you would have otherwise been to get a letter from me. I wonder if you have forgotten me in all these years. I have been intending to write to you so often, but have never got started. However dear cousins you must not think we have ever forgotten you, because we often think of you and have wondered how your were both getting on.

I can't seem to realize that you have grown up. I always picture you as I saw you last, & of course you were quite little girls then. I do so wish you were here. We could give you such a good time. I have a nice lot of friends & have very nice times, with picnics & boating in the summer & skating & parties in the winter time.

I go down to business every day. I am a book keeper in a very large wholesale firm & am getting on famously. We live in the suburbs & I go by street car every morning & evening. My hours are from 8 to 6 with an hour for lunch.

We live close to Grandpa & see him nearly every day. He is, of course, getting old now, & I am sorry to say, has been far from well for some time now. I am sadly afraid we shall not have him for very long. He was so very pleased to get your letter & is anxiously looking for another & so dearie I hope you will write again before long without waiting for him to write himself, as his hand shakes so & you will understand it is hard for him to write. He loves to hear from you & longs so much to see you both, so if you will write often dear cousins, you will be sure to get letters from some of us, if not from Grandpa.

I am sorry that you are not very strong Gertie, perhaps the climate is too damp. I know it was for me & I have been much better since we came over here. It is a beautiful country & Toronto is called the"Queen City" & so you see we have got a nice place to live in. Of course we are not making a fortune here, but we are getting on very nicely and I think most fortunes are only made in story books.

Well I must close now, but I would like to repeat dear girls that we long to have you both here & if you should ever feel that you would like to come, you may be sure you would get more than a welcome.

With fond love from all, I am
Your loving cousin

PS Please write to me soon, both of you & tell me all about yourselves. I want you to understand that though you are so very far away, we love you both very much & are interested in your welfare more than you can believe.

Edie Bellamy

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