Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bellamy Letter #3

175 Lansdowne Ave.
Dec. 14th, 1904

My Dear Gertie,

It is such a long time since I heard from you, that I think our letters must have miscarried. You will see by the above address we have moved, our house was sold so we had to get another. There is such a terrible demand for houses that you cannot be sure of keeping one if it suits you ever so well without you purchase it. However we have taken this one on a lease for 2 yrs. so unless anything unforeseen happens we are alright for that time.

When last I heard from you Dorothy was very ill indeed, with not much hope of recovery but I hope that no news is good news and that she is better as I have not heard from you. If you have written I have not received your letter. Try & write soon dearie, I am anxious to hear from you, with better news I hope.

In haste. With love to all & best wishes for a Happy Xmas and a bright and prosperous from all.
Your loving Aunt E Bellamy

If you have any photos dear do send me one. I do so long to see what you are both like. I have just been reading the last letter I received & you say you had been having dear Dorothy's photo taken. I do hope you get this & write soon darling. Love to your Papa.

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