Friday, March 12, 2010

Bellamy Letter #7

1 Maple Grove
Sept 26th

My Dear Gertie

It was with much pleasure we received your kind & loving letter for I can asure you my dear we was very pleased to hear from you, for though we have not been writing to you, you have not been forgotten by us for my dear Gertie never a day passes but we talk about you & wish we could fly over to Grimsby to see you.

We was very pleased to hear my dear of your marriage & to know you have got such a good husband. Give our kind love to him although we have not the happiness of knowing him yet we feel that we have another to love & I do hope & pray my dear that he will always be a true & loving Husband to you & that he will never give you one moment of unhappiness. Also give our dear little baby a good hug & a lot of kisses from us all.

Oh what would we give to be able to hold you all in our arms & cover you with lots of kisses but I am afraid that we shall never be able to do for my dear it would not be safe to try & bring your grandpa across for he is so feeble. He can only just walk across the floor, he had a fall about 8 years ago & was never able to work again, & as seemed to get worse, had your Aunt Lizzie Bellamy not come out we had made up our minds to come back to Grimsby & I can asure you I have bitterly repented not coming. 3 of your Uncles would of come with us then so you see we should most of us been in England again.

Now my dear we was very surprised to hear of Mrs. Taylor's death although my darling you could not grieve for her for she was never a good one to you & I don't think your father could feel very happy the way she was treating you but she as gone before her Judge & to receive her reward. Is your Father still living in the same house or is he staying with you?

Is Mrs. Marshall still alive & her son & daughter? When you write again send word that is my dear if you know them. I have often wondered about them if you ever see them give our loves to them & tell them to write as we should like to hear from them. Now my dear give our love to your dear Husband & tell him we hope he will have your photos taken as I can asure you it would be a comfort to us to be able to have them so that we could see your dear faces, also my dear if you have one of dear Dorothy's you don't know what a comfort it would be to us so I hope before long we shall have the happiness of having them.

Now my dears I hope you are all well & happy & will always remain so. Your uncles wish their kindest love & they are going to watch for the post as they want to see all of your dear faces. I am not to forget to give your Grandpa's best love & a lot of kisses & tell you not forget the photos. Now my dears I must draw to a close again. Hoping you are all well & happy with love from us all & to still remain with love & good wishes.

Your loving Grandparents
S & S.A. Rason

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  1. That is the last of the letters and it was the hardest to transcribe. I have left the grammar and spelling mistakes in but have added some punctuation and paragraphs for easier reading. The whole letter was one paragraph and mostly one sentence. Please forgive me for any transcription errors; I found the writing very hard to read and had to guess in some parts.

    Samuel Rason (Grandpa) died on July 4, 1912. The cause of death was a "hemorrhage from stomach"