Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bellamy Letter #4

175 Lansdowne Ave.
March 16th, 1905

My Dear Gertie,

I received you letter this morning with much pleasure at hearing from you again, but was grieved indeed to hear that dear Dorothy is suffering so much, poor darling it does seem hard, that one so young should suffer so, but I sincerely hope that her suffering will soon be over, if it is God's will that she should recover. I hope she will do so speedily, but if not you must try to be brave dear, & feel that her troubles are over, & that she is at rest with her dear mother in heaven.

I can quite understand how much of late years you have felt to miss your poor mother, for she would have been so proud of you, for I remember how nice she used to keep you, *I know she thought there were not such babies as hers in the world. She was too a thorough help meet to your father & he must feel the difference between her and & his present wife.

I am so sorry to hear that you have been getting on so badly with Mrs. Taylor, whatever can she be thinking of? However you did quite right in speaking to your Papa about it, & I think he did all he possibly could under the circumstance, to get you right away from her, because if you had remained under the same roof, she could have made you miserable, in a hundred ways, which he could not prevent.

You see dear she is not a mother, & therefore does not understand a mother's love, but one would have that she would have been so glad of the companionship of you girls, but if she drinks that will drown all natural good qualities, let us hope she will change for the better for your father's sake!

I do hope you will send your photos, in your next letter, & don't be long before you write. I am so anxious about you & want so much to see what you are like now.

Please give my fondest love to poor Dorothy, oh! how I wish I was nearer to try & help her, but I am sure dear she has got the fondest bravest & best sister, & it will be a comfort to you if it is God's will to take her, that you always did your best & was like a little mother to her.

Please remember us all kindly to your papa, & tell him how sorry we are.

All write with me in fondest love to you both, hoping for better news next time darling believe me.

Ever your loving Aunt
E Bellamy

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  1. Dorothy Rason Taylor was probably dead before Gertie received this letter.

    Her death was registered at the General Register Office in the January-March quarter, 1905 at Grimsby.